With echoes of Steinbeck and McMurtry, Radium announces a vibrant new voice in American fiction.

Will Weaver, Power & Light

…a Sam Shepard play with interior monologue, or a Cormac McCarthy novel in the voice of Holden Caulfield.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Big brothers are invincible. Aren’t they?

Radium is about two brothers from a desperate town in the flat farmland of western Minnesota. Jim, the narrator, is fifteen and damaged, the result of a car accident years before that left him with a head injury and a tweaked view of the world. He sees his big brother, Billy Quinn, in near mythic terms. They live together in a trailer house on the ditch-side of a beet field until Billy gets into bad trouble, and they go on the run.

Laws are broken, but with an older brother his only true friend on earth, Jim justifies their deeds, willing to do . . . anything . . . to keep Billy free.


John Enger worked in journalism for ten years. He started as a newspaper reporter at The Daily Gazette in Schenectady, NY. He then became a radio reporter for MPR News, where his stories reached over 1 million people each week. His work has been featured in newspapers and radio stations across the U.S. Today, he runs his own woodworking business, Enger Grove, and writes fiction. He lives in Bemidji, MN with his wife and two children.


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